OrthoView now part of the Materialise Group
Femur & tibia
Radius & ulna
Mobelife custom implants
Complementary Transaction Creates One-Stop Shop for Surgical Planning

Materialise NV  announced the acquisition of UK-based OrthoView Holdings Limited, the world's leading provider of 2D digital pre-operative planning and templating solutions for orthopedic surgeons.

Femur & tibia

Work with a personal engineer at Materialise for your next tibia or femur opening wedge osteotomy and receive the complex measurements and calculations that can help you define the ideal treatment plan for your patient. Your engineer combines information from both the CT and X-rays of the affected and contralateral sides, making it easier for you to assess the severity of the deformation and know what to expect when you step into the operating room.

Reconstructive bone procedures for radius & ulna

Surgeons using 2D images to diagnose and treat complex reconstructive bone procedures know how frustrating it can be to wait until the first incision is made to get the full picture of the patient’s pathology. Now there is another way. Know what to expect for your complex reconstructive bone procedures by working in three dimensions together with a personal engineer at Materialise.

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Mobelife presents the aMace® acetabular revision system.

Founded as part of the Materialise group, Mobelife is a specialist in implant design and production for challenging bone and joint reconstruction surgery. The aMace® acetabular revision system by Mobelife® comprises a variety of completely personalised implants which allow for a unique restoration in terms of anatomy, stability and mobility in any acetabular revision or reconstruction.

Imagine you can:

  • Try out different surgical approaches
  • Improve your surgical outcome
  • Limit intra-operative decision making
  • Have the perfect implant ready and all of this before setting foot in the Operating room




Corrective osteotomies

Explore our case studies and discover the possibilities of clinical engineering. We currently support corrective osteotomies on:
- Diaphyseal radius or ulna
- Intra-articular radius
- Distal femur
- Proximal tibia

Clinical Engineering

Synergize with one of our highly skilled biomedical engineers to increase the predictability of your corrective osteotomy procedures. Your Clinical Engineer will support you by:
- Creating a 3D reconstruction
- Engineering a pre-operative plan
- Designing patient-specific guides

Your next surgery with Materialise

Once you have a case that qualifies for treatment with Materialise technology, it’s easy to get started. Our team of Clinical Engineers is ready to answer any questions you might have and begin processing your case.