Surgical Guides

* In the US, the system is currently cleared for adult patient cases.

Reduce uncertainty

Surgeons are experts at making the most of conventional tools to carefully plan for their complex procedures. However, even the best planners can face issues when it comes time to transfer the plan into the operating room. Fortunately, SurgiCase Guides are available to remove many of the hurdles involved in making your plan a reality. These guides help reduce the need for intra-operative decision-making, such as determining the best angle or depth for osteotomies or drilling, making it possible to reduce surgical complexity.

Patient-specific SurgiCase Guides:

  • transfer the virtual surgical plan to reality
  • are built to fit the unique shape of your patient’s bone
  • can help reduce the surgery’s complexity by enhancing predictability


Built to fit

Your personal engineer at Materialise will design SurgiCase Guides based on your virtual surgical plan. These patient-specific surgical guides are built to fit the unique shape of your patient’s bone, clearly indicating the drill holes or osteotomies defined in your surgical plan and helping reduce complexity.

SurgiCase Guides are made using Additive Manufacturing technology. Materialise guarantees these guides to be bio-compatible, sterilizable and to be made of medical grade material. The entire process goes even smoother with SurgiCase Connect.

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